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Artisanal Sheep’s Milk Cheese




Wheels weighing approximately 3 kg, and wedges vacuum packed in plastic


This cheese is produced from raw Manchegan sheep’s milk using wholly artisanal methods. In cheese manufacturing, artisanal production refers to the process of coagulating milk without high-temperature heat treatment.

The sheep are fed on pasture grasses and herbs from the dry, chalky lands
of Castile-La Mancha where pastures are scarce, which gives the cheese its very unique flavor, finish and characteristic aromas.

The milk used in this cheese, the natural raw material, comes for the most part from small-scale sheep farms that make maximum use of the natural foraging resources of the areas where they are located.

This cheese is left to soak in containers of extra virgin olive oil for 3 months at controlled temperatures. After this period the cheese develops an intense flavor, with a unique finish characterized by the aromas of the extra virgin olive oil.

The different types of pastureland on which the sheep feed throughout the year slightly alter the flavor of this very special cheese: spring grasses and herbs give the cheese a creamy touch, while a slightly drier, tarter taste is produced by the rougher pasture of July and August.

This cheese has been produced and savored since the 15th century. Christopher Columbus took it with him on his ships when he set sail for the Indies because it was easy to store, and for its characteristic flavor.



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